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5-point Self Defense

Artemis provides a full spectrum of self defense and empowerment training for individuals and communities at high risk for violence due personal and systemic oppression and marginalization.


These vulnerabilities are not caused by the individual, but rather prejudices including racism, sexism, classism, misogyny, anti-gay rhetoric, anti-trans / gender non conformant rhetoric, anti-immigrant rhetoric, ageism, religious persecution, and ableism.


Artemis adheres to the Empowerment Model of Self Defense, designed by the National Women's Martial Arts Federation.  This model:

  • Places violence within a broader social context;

  • Puts the responsibility for all violence on the perpetrator, and never the victim;

  • Recognizes that choices made by survivors are valid and correct;

  • Identifies and builds upon each individual's assets, skills, and competencies;

  • Acknowledges that cooperation is not consent; and



Self Defense – whether a short workshop, one weeks-long classes – cover five topics:


  • What are you willing to defend? How are you willing to defend it? 

  • What are your boundaries? How can you enforce them?

  •  Adopting personal habits that promote increased awareness 

  • How can a situation be de-escalated? 

  • What are your plans for different situations?

  • Who is a perpetrator and how do they look / act?

  • Who is a victim and how do they look / act?

  • How can we make the world safer for others?

  • How does marginalization and oppression impact one's vulnerability?

  • Effects of past trauma 

 3. FIGHT:


  • Determining fear responses and ways of working with them

  • Primary, secondary, and tertiary targets (eyes, throat, knees)

  • Defending from the ground

  • Sexual assault

  • Locks and submissions 

  • Releases - Escapes (car / car trunk, closet, zip ties and other restraints etc.) 

  • Choke holds 

  • Multiple attackers

  • Defending against a weapon


  • Tell someone you TRUST 

  • Determine if you need medical care, and where it is safest to get it

  • Do you need a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE)?

  • Determine if you want law enforement involvement - bring an advocate

  • Do you need legal representation?

  • Is it safe for you to return home?

  • Are you interested in crisis counseling or long term counseling?

  • All acts of violence and oppression are traumatic.  Do you need more information about trauma?

  • Click HERE for resources


  • Passive, Assertive, and Aggressive forms of communication

  • Body Language

  • What can you say?

  • Yelling! How to yell and mean it!

4. RUN:


  • Strategies for being followed 

  • When to run 

  • Where to run to                       

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