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What We Do 

Mission Statement

Artemis increases safety for individuals and communities made vulnerable by societal inequities, biases, and hatred. We teach practical, holistic self defense and empowerment, and engage in activism that dismantles the root causes of violence.

Self Defense

One-time workshops, days- or weeks-long trainings, and

on-going classes are available to teach

  • 5-point self defense (click here for details) for the general community and for specific, self-identified groups

  • anti-bullying

  • de-escalation

  • consent (giving and getting)

  • Upstander training

  • Staying safer amidst family / partner violence


  • Warriorship - an alternative to princess culture

  • Warriorship - beyond the masculine and feminine binary

  • Warriorship - Make your place / take your place

  • Meditation - approaches include mindfulness, compassion, mantra, chanting, body integration, and breath meditation

  • Stand Up / Speak Out - being assertive without apology

Social Justice

Partnering with people, communities, organizations, and governement to address root causes of violence. 

Artemis acknowledges that as a result of systemic biases, and in some cases, outright bigotry and hatred, some folks are much more likely to be the targets of violence.  The responsibility of violence always lies with the perpetrator, and if the perpetrator is a system, we will align with, and support efforts for top-down, inside-out change.

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