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How We Do It

Where:  Artemis staff will go anywhere to teach.  We have taught in churches, conference rooms, kitchens, school gyms, on the stroll, birthday parties, needle exchanges, at street fairs and community celebrations.  Our home base is New York and Philadelphia, but staff are happy to travel.  If you have a group, but nowhere to host, we will help make arrangements.



When:  Any time. Really. 4am in a homeless shelter? Yes.  3pm at a country club? Yes.


How:  Workshops / Training (1.5 hours to 1 full day)

            Multi-day courses

            Weeks- or months-long courses

            Any topic can be adapted to the format you need.


Cost: If you / your organization cannot afford to pay, a free class - no different from other classes - will be provided.  Donations offset some of these costs. Frequent free / "pay-what-you-want" community self defense classes are offered, usually in NYC and Philadelphia.  Please contact us for other price quotes. 

"I liked the female-centric, encouraging atmosphere.  It felt empowering."

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