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Who We Serve 

Artemis provides a full spectrum of self defense and empowerment training for individuals and communities at high risk for violence due personal and systemic oppression and marginalization.


These vulnerabilities are not caused by the individual, but rather prejudices including racism, sexism, classism, misogyny, anti-gay rhetoric, anti-trans / gender non conformant rhetoric, anti-immigrant rhetoric, ageism, religious persecution, and ableism.


Artemis is committed to providing services to:

  • Kids
  • Adolescents

  • Lesbians

  • Gays

  • Trans People

  • Non=binary people

  • The whole queer spectrum

  • Active  drug and alcohol users

  • People in recovery

  • Sex workers

  • Undocumented immigrants

  • Survivors of trauma 

  • People living in active violence

  • People with mental illness

  • Elders

  • Protesters

  • People working in underground economies

  • People with physical disabilities

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