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Artemis evolved in response to the critical need for practical, fail-safe self defense for my friends who were most vulnerable - trans people, sex workers, people of color, gender non-conforming people, gays, lesbians, teens and kids, people with disabilities, people of faith, the elderly, immigrants, people active in their addictions, college students, (particularly women,) survivors of violence, and all others who suffer from violence, marginalization and oppression.

Elena Waldman Executive Director and Primary Instructor

Elena (aka Sempai Elena) has been training and teaching for more than 25 years.  She was first introduced to Empowerment Self Defense at The Center for Anti-Violence Education, (then called Brooklyn Women's Martial Arts,) under Sensei Annie Ellman.

She is a proud member of the National Women's Martial Arts Federation.


She was awarded her black belt in MKD (Kyokushin) Karate from Sensei Orlando Sanchez, and  has advanced training in Shotokan and Goju.  She has studied self defense with some of the most respected teachers in the field - Shihan Linda Ramzy and Zosia Gorbaty, to name a few. 

   Heidi Antman

   Graphic Designer

   and BFF

Heidi, is the sole proprietor of Faboographics.

"Faboo Graphics 516-767-6111 •  heidi@faboographics.com

"I started my company, Faboo Graphics in 2003, when I decided to take my 20+ years of graphic design experience out of the major publishing houses, and into my own domain. At Faboo Graphics, we have the insight and creativity to give your entrepreneurial dreams an identity. We provide Integrated Marketing and Design, Corporate Branding, Logo Design, Brochures, Catalogs, Promotional Mailers, Newsletters, Menus, Labels, PDF Booklets, E-Mail Blasts & much more."

Big Daddy Ray
Chief Financial Officer

Ray, (aka Elena's dad,) along with his late wife, Alice Ruth, instilled a deep commitment to social justice in their children, and expected that they would leave the world a better place than they found it.  They encouraged participation in protests and civil disobedience, and believed that one indicator of success was the size of your FBI file.

Born in the 1920s, Ray is a war vet, a self-taught font of knowledge, and an avid dominos player.  Also, he does the NYTimes crossword in pen.

Sensei Orlando Sanchez

Mentor and Advisor

Sensei Orlando is committed to bringing Karate to everyone through MKD Karate as a discipline for the mind, body and spirit, and to bring families together through shared training. 

He works with Elena a

He teaches a number of karate classes: children's classes, adult classes, parent & child classes and special needs classes, as well as self-defense classes. His teaching style is known to be a well-balanced and rare mix of firm yet flexible, and disciplined yet humorous. He takes pride in hearing each of his students' outside accomplishments and how karate is making a difference in their lives. 

He is a prolific writer of dynamic Karate / Fantasy fiction novels.

Daphne Moraga
Coordinator of Media and Outreach

Daphne attends the Acadamy for Careers in Television and Film in Astoria, New York.  Her involvement in Artemis comes from a deep sense of wanting to help others.  Her experience as a world traveler, combined with her natural intelligence and curiosity creates space for all voices to be heard, honored, and served.

Daphne's warm spirit and dedication to the community enables her to connect with individuals, organizations, and both print and electronic media outlets.

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